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With our eyes on the prize of people-first design, we're the creative misfits the digital world didn't know it needed.

Team Work

Our Mission

We're digital disruptors on a mission to rewrite the rules of the tech universe. With creativity as our compass and innovation as our engine, we're sailing into uncharted cyberspace, crafting experiences that resonate and relationships that last.

Get your hands dirty

We believe in rolling up our sleeves and diving headfirst into the vibrant chaos of creation. It's about pushing boundaries, challenging the status quo, and crafting pixels into poetry. At Blue Mandarin, we don't fear the mess - we revel in it. So, are you ready to get your hands dirty?

Make things that matter

We're not just building apps or websites; we're shaping stories, molding memories, and igniting impact. Each line of code we craft, every pixel we push, serves a purpose greater than itself. At the intersection of technology and humanity, we're making things that matter. Come create with us.

Be heard

In our vibrant hive of innovation, every voice matters, every idea echoes. We believe in cultivating an environment where thoughts flow freely, conversations spark inspiration, and every team member is a critical verse in our collective symphony. At Blue Mandarin, you won't just be seen — you'll be heard.

Win back some life

We're reimagining the work-life balance, proving that you can conquer the digital world without losing touch with reality. With flexible schedules, remote opportunities, and a culture that champions personal growth, we're all about winning back some life. Experience the Blue Mandarin difference and reclaim your time.

With human-centric design at the core of our principles, we depend on our team’s varied perspectives and life experiences to help us build products for the many.

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